Based on the experience gained from operating in the field of information technology, we have prepared the following set of services. The offer is composed of several separate areas of activities that can be customized to modify or combine – either as a single supply or consultation or as a permanent service.

  • System Administration

    Comprehensive service, which aims to prevent any operational problems to ensure the unimpeded functioning of the company. The service is negotiated after consultation with the customer for selected activities and is exercised on a regular basis, usually under a service contract. It includes consultations in the framework of the implementation of new technologies, methods and procedures.

  • Service trips

    If required, provide our consultants servicing at the customer. They take place by agreement or pursuant to negotiated service contract.

  • Other services

    We provide all related activities that go beyond the administration of the system, eg. A new network and telephone wiring, structural adjustment, etc.