• any number of mailboxes
  • The access is secured by the protocol POP3, IMAP, or by appointment
  • There is a web interface for access via web browser
  • the service includes filtering junk mail (SPAM) and virus control

Web Hosting

  • space for running Web applications or presentations
  • PHP, MySQL, FTP – after consultation with the customer

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

  • The installation and operation by the customer
  • are usually used for the operation of demanding solutions – Data replication, an online e-shop, terminal operation, etc.

Internet redirect

  • in the case of failure to connect to the Internet all traffic is routed to the backup connection


  • The selected data is backed up in hosting the disk array into its own space under your own account data is encrypted


  • in the operation of their own DNS servers can offer superior service by appointment