• Comprehensive IT management including network management, consulting and design future solutions, communications management etc.
  • In the field of hosting provides the following services: web hosting, Mailhosting, hosting e-shops, etc.
  • Development of systems tailored to clients' requirements. Internet and intranet applications, web presentations. Sales of ready-made solutions.

About XB-1, s.r.o.

The company XB-1 was founded in 2001 to provide services in the field of information technology. The basic idea behind the company is to be primarily professional advisor. For this reason, we maintain independence from specific products, suppliers or advertising trends.
Services are normally provided within the Czech and Slovak Republics.


A team of consultants with a personal touch. Business and technical assistance in selecting the appropriate solution. Creating menus, product presentations, customer service, enterprise solutions.

Technical support

Test and service facilities. Professional support including product installation on the client. „Helpdesk“ for technical support to customers.