Information systems

Our company supports all of its customers‘ information systems in the Czech and Slovak on all major platforms, DOS, Windows and Linux. We provide not only the management of these systems in terms of ensuring the operation, as well as direct support for the system. Increased interest and support systems, then we INTEGRI and Signys ®.

Economic and information system Signys®


Signys® provides a comprehensive overview of the business. The system is integrated with the mobile (ambulatory) sales and ordering system for Windows CE and Android. The system used by small and large companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
Transparency, rapid access to information, high stability and security are among the main pillars of Signys®.

Advantages of IS Signys®

  1. One system from a single supplier for all sections of society, individual configuration modules;
  2. Highly professional user support system update in response to technological developments and legislation;
  3. The inclusion of extensions according to user requirements, industry solutions;
  4. More than twenty years of experience in the field of suppliers of information systems.




Integri is a comprehensive information system for housing cooperatives and management of residential areas. It operates in more than twenty building housing cooperatives, including the biggest teams in the Czech Republic. In a complex information system INTEGRI in the Czech Republic currently almost 290,000 managed spaces. The information system is constantly checked complicated and time-consuming tendering process management of housing cooperatives.


Other supported systems

Money S3/S5


Standard | Bivoj